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Category: Sandblasting

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Carolina Blasting LLC


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Sandblasting and soda blasting

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Carolina Blasting is a sand & soda blasting company serving upstate South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. Sandblasting and soda blasting can be done in our shop, or we can come to your location with our mobile unit. Soda blasting is great for removing paint from delicate surfaces, including aluminum, brick, fiberglass and wood. Soda blasting can remove graffiti and can clean monuments, concrete, and brick. It is also used in fire restoration to remove smoke, soot and char from wood, sheet rock and brick.

Bussiness Details
325 Byars Rd, Laurens, South Carolina, 29360

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WebSite:    http://www.carolinablasting.com
Ad Number - 8979


sandblastingsoda blastingmetal refinishinggraffiti removalfire restorationmold removalabrasive blastingrust removal

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