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Category: Document Destruction Service

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Document Destruction Service

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Brief Description
Mobile On-Site paper shredding / document destruction service. Scheduled bins service or one time clean outs / purge available.

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We come to you and destroy your business or personal document in front of you. Your documents are pulverized beyond recognition by our hammermill shredding technology that produces the smallest and most secure shed size in the mobile shredding industry. Scheduled bin service or one time clean outs / purge available. All paper material received is 100 % recycled. Call for the best service and the lowest price in town. (480)-797-8275

Bussiness Details
Phoenix, Arizona, 85032

Contact Us:    click here
WebSite:    http://bolalist.com/89/UNIVERSAL_PAPER_SHREDDING.html
Ad Number - 89


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