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Category: Marketing Programs Services

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XPPS Gary Tice

Marketing Programs Services

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Brief Description
Post card mailing is the bet most complete. it has off line marketing  which has worked for 100 years etc  THROUGH THE POWER OF CONVENTIONAL

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Create Your own Free Listing
OLD FASHIONED DIRECT MAIL!   fully-automated postcard mailing service  No computer skills , technical knowledge or prior marketing knowledge needed,  NO cold calling, 3-ways, prospect chasing or interviewing strangers,  NO training of your Team members (the XPPS back office, video’s, Q&A calls & training calls do all that for you!),  NO pestering family & friends,  NO monthly fees, no wholesale fees, no admin fees, no hosting fees or any "hidden" costs whatsoever,  NO licenses or territorial restrictions - (mail into your own country or any country you choose),  NO more waiting to be paid "nickel and dime commissions" by"the company" - (you can start receiving funds instantly and directly),  You’ll receive an immediate $100 on each and every one of your personal referrals,  Through the patented Xtreme Lifetime Residual Leverage System, you’ll also receive an immediate $100 bonus override on each and every referral generated by your personally referred XPPS Team members! This in itself is an ultra-powerful built-in feature which could easily enable you to generate an additional several thousand dollars monthly from each and every personal referral you make

Bussiness Details
1226 s Maryland Ave, Springfield, Missouri, 65807
Phone:417 429 5399

Contact Us:    click here
WebSite:    http://bolalist.com/705/XPPS_Gary_Tice.html
Ad Number - 705


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