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Category: Attorneys Divorce And Family Law

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Phillip J. Holman & Associates, PLLC

Attorneys Divorce And Family Law

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Call Phillip J. Holman & Associates for father friendly divorce, paternity, child custody, support or parenting time concerns in Metropolitan Detroit.

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If you need legal representation regarding divorce, paternity, child custody or parenting time and want to be represented by a fathers rights advocate, Phillip J. Holman & Associates, PLLC is your Metropolitan Detroit Area law firm. Phil has over 30 years of experience. He primarily represents fathers and believes that an award of joint or sole custody in their favor is almost always in their children's best interest. He was honored as Michigan Lawyer of the Year for his work in family law and legislative reform to benefit fathers. Litigating child related concerns can be a difficult process for anyone. Men often become frustrated with their attorneys who do not relate to the discrimination fathers face. Mr. Holman is a single father and also struggled to obtain joint custody of his children. Unlike most attorneys he understands the gender bias fathers face in our family courts.

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615 Griswold, Suite 407, Detroit, Michigan, 48226

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WebSite:    http://HolmanFamilyLaw.com
Ad Number - 4961


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