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Category: Collectibles

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Hillbilly Tew's Country Store


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Brief Description
This store is filled with everything from cast iron to stuff animals that sing. Jim Shore, Roman collectibles, Cloudworks, and much much more!!

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This store is a collection of collectibles, cast iron dodads and cookware, stuffed animals, tin signs, glassware, housewares, and what nots. Take a peek and you are sure to find something you are looking for! I am here to provide you with the best customer service! I am all about you being satisfied!This is an online business only!

Bussiness Details
Bartow, Florida, 33830

Contact Us:    click here
WebSite:    http://stores.ebay.com/Hillbilly-Tews-Country-Store
Ad Number - 48


Jim Shorecast ironcloudworkscollectiblestin signsstuffed animalsJohn Deere

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