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Category: Lighting Fixtures Wholesale Manufacturers

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Elegant lighting - online store in USA

Lighting Fixtures Wholesale Manufacturers

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Brief Description
Elegant Lighting is one of the leading manufacturer companies in the lighting market in the USA and has Ten years of experience in the field.

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Elegant Lighting serving customer over then years.Our main focus is on the client, doing everything that is inour power to satisfy all of his wishes and needs you can call us (732)796-5956!! or you can found Catalogue at: http://rlalighting.com/ElegantLightingCollection.aspx Our chandeliers consist of 24karat gold/chrome plated brass fixtures which is a strong and reliable backbone for each crystal chandelier. We import genuine crystals from Austria for our crystal chandeliers. Various designs of fixtures and crystals create a large collection of crystal chandeliers, which meets the taste of every customer. Elegant Lighting defines the perfection of crystal chandelier and provides the opportunities for everyone to appreciate the elegant and magnificent beauty of crystal chandelier. These products and design items are amazing things I've come across that I've used or want to use in my design business. call us (732)796-5956 to get the best price!! Tags:crystal Chandeliers Catalogue , Crystal Ceiling Medallions Lamps Collection crystal, chandelier, lights, lites, fixture ,elegant lighting, swarovski, schonbek, elegant lighting We're satisfaction of our customers together to create a crystal chandelier.

Bussiness Details
117 W. Clearfield Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19133

Contact Us:    click here
WebSite:    http://rlalighting.com/ElegantLightingCollection.aspx
Ad Number - 462


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