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Category: Educational Services

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Medical Gas Certifications, Inc.

Educational Services

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Self-paced ASSE 6000 Medical Gas Systems Certifications now available 100% online.

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Our ASSE 6000 Medical Gas Systems Certification Programs were developed to provide qualified individuals, who are responsible for the proper installation, testing, maintenance and inspection of medical gas and vacuum systems, with the certification(s) necessary to ensure that the individual has met the requirements of the ASSE Series 6000 Professional Qualifications Standard and are technically competent and experienced to perform theses tasks. The programs are based on the NFPA 99, Standard for Health Care Facilities and other various regulatory requirements. Candidates will be given an understanding of medical gas systems general knowledge, applications, component overview, basic operating principles and performance characteristics, critical safety precautions, troubleshooting, routine inspection, testing, and maintenance, and common repairs.

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PO Box 560042, Orlando, Florida, 32856

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WebSite:    http://medgascerts.com
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