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Category: Building Maintenance

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Tru-Serve Building Maintenance

Building Maintenance

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Brief Description
Tru-Serve Inc. provides building maintenance in Minneapolis & Saint Paul prioritized workloads to meet all building & facility maintenance needs.

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Building Maintenance, electrical , plumbing, HVAC, Hourly service, one time projects, Weekly service, Yearly Service, Fulltime Maintenance, Part time, Fill-in for sick, vacation, family….etc. We can maintain your Apt. building, Clinic, Nursing Homes, Strip malls, office buildings. So WHEN people need the, one- stop- shop…That’s what we deliver! …..Our Goal is to Get Contracts with new clients/customers

Bussiness Details
560 40th Ave NE, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55421
Phone:(763) 208-7851

Contact Us:    click here
WebSite:    http://www.tru-serve.com
Ad Number - 4320


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