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Category: Lighting Maintenance Service

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Resource Exchange Company Inc

Lighting Maintenance Service

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Brief Description
Our website will provide current and Prospective information about LED light service with the attractive design of our products.

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Resource exchange, a USA based sustainable LED light industry offers optimize-designed Light. We illuminate every industry such as; industrial LED light, commercial LED light, and residential LED light. We provide cost-effectively, and energy efficient LED light. As an authorized dealer of American goverement, We offer 500 foremost LED products such as A19 light bulbs, par lights, tubes, high bays, wall washer, area lights, high power ball, street light and etc. Our products are approved by DLC and UL, we give warranty on our product more than 10Years.

Bussiness Details
3465 S. Arlington Rd. Unit E #153, Akron, Ohio, 44312

Contact Us:    click here
WebSite:    http://www.bolalist.com/36112/Resource_Exchange_Company_Inc.html
Ad Number - 36112


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