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Kenneth L. LaBore, Esq.

Legal Forms

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Legal services

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Proven results - I investigate elder abuse cases and hold negligent care providers accountable. Nursing homes across Minnesota have an obligation to comply with minimum care standards designed to promote quality of care and reduce abuse and neglect which established by state and federal regulations. I will work hard to hold negligent caregivers and facilities accountable. Many times the explanation for injuries occurring to residents of Minnesota nursing homes, assisted living and other types of elder care facilities is related to a corporate organization which is focused on maximizing profits at the expense of resident safety. Many of the incidents of abuse and neglect resulting in serious injury or death could have been prevented with increased numbers of attentive and well qualified staff, or through the use of properly functioning and maintained nursing home equipment. An understaffed facility using antiquated or poorly maintained medical equipment such as: patient lifts, beds, and wheelchairs is likely to have care issues as a result.

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5001 Chowen Ave S,, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55410

Contact Us:    click here
WebSite:    http://www.mnnursinghomeneglect.com/
Ad Number - 34731


Legal servicesLegal services

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