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Category: Aluminum Products

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Offshore Direct Metals

Aluminum Products

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Brief Description
Offshore Direct Metals is a worldwide Business-to-Business trading firm with the major focus on stock aluminium extrusions.

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OD Metalís enterprise model is to source our consumerís goods on a global platform and have those items delivered straight from the factory floor to the consumerís doorstep. This removes overhead costs and passes the savings on to our customers. However ĎStock & Releaseí programs and warehousing are accessible on demand. ODM has connections with only the best suppliers of aluminium extrusions, coil, sheet, plate circles/discs, castings, billets, CNC machining, stainless steel, copper, plastic injection molding moulding and plastic extrusion products. We endeavour to offer the maximum quality aluminium to our customers and for that reason require any source we buy from to uphold the international standards of quality built in the ASTM and ISO quality accreditations. Our product competence, logistical experience and global network of supply associates, are in place to fulfil the customerís manufacturing needs. We hope to show you how we've been capable of expanding our business and how we can improve your bottom line. Contact us any time at info@odmetals.com or call us at (855) 272-3889.

Bussiness Details
190 Escambia Lane, Cocoa Beach, Florida, 32931
Phone:(855) 272 3889

Contact Us:    click here
WebSite:    http://www.odmetals.com/
Ad Number - 34059


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