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Physician’s Payment Group


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Physician’s Payment Group is a financial technology company that works exclusively with physicians. we provide solutions for practices of all sizes.

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Physician’s Payment Group is the only merchant services provider that focuses exclusively on clients within the medical industry. If you are a general practitioner, specialist, dentist, chiropractor, med spa, or any other type of practice we have solutions that can be catered specifically to meet your needs. Our rates are transparent and easy to understand, our service is one on one, and we do not put our clients into restrictive contracts. We believe in one on one relationships at PPG. Every single client is assigned to a dedicated account manager, ensuring your practice receives the attention and service it deserves. This means you can focus on your practice, and rest assured knowing your merchant account is in good hands.

Bussiness Details
1235 W Morehead St, Charlotte, North Carolina, 28208

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WebSite:    http://www.joinppg.com/
Ad Number - 33784


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