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Acme Plus Bakery Shop


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Acme Plus Bakery Shop bakes the most special and fresh pastries in the town of Milwaukee!

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Buns, Fudge, Cakes, and Cookies, whether crushed, crumbled, creme-filled, whole or in a crumb format. and a lot more to taste. We are Creative in pastries yet delicious and fresh with a 101% mouth-watering flavors! For the dark chocolate lovers! Chocolate cake filled with homemade chocolate ganache, frosted with our chocolate buttercream. Triple Chocolate Amycakes are decorated with chocolate ganache drizzle and dark chocolate curls and flakes. We have a lot of delicacies surprises every day! Come and visit Acme Plus Bakery Shop!

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53233

Contact Us:    click here
WebSite:    http://www.bolalist.com/33704/Acme_Plus_Bakery_Shop.html
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