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Jewelry items and clothing have always held a special place in our lives. We were mesmerized by the idea of enhancing a personís visual appeal through

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This very curiosity led us to step into this business because we always wanted to help out others, make them look good, and assist people carry that "sexy" around and that is how Sexy Bling came into existence. Because we wanted to be the oneís to help people bring that sexy back into their lives and bling it around for others to see. Starting off, our store was only dealing with only a handful of customers but as time has passed weíve expanded our reach and started serving a broader range of audience. But we havenít compromised on the quality of our products by any means.

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228 Hamilton Ave, 3rd Flr, Palo Alto, California, 94301. USA, Palo Alto, California, 94301

Contact Us:    click here
WebSite:    http://www.bolalist.com/32443/Sexybling.html
Ad Number - 32443


womens clotheswomen's rings

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