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Category: Floor Services

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SlipTec Solutions

Floor Services

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SlipTec Solutions offers treatments that will reduce the likelihood of a slip and fall accident on your flooring. Our visit is free of charge and you.

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Our trained staff will meet you at your establishment and assist in assessing the risk and potential dangers that you may encounter. Our visit is free of charge and you are under no obligation to purchase our services. Invisible Tread Treament SlipTec Solutions™ floor treatment is a service provided by SlipTec. It is a chemical process that puts an invisible tread design into the surface on hard mineral surface flooring. SlipTec, the ultimate non-slip invisible floor tread treatment works on any hard mineral surface indoors or outdoors such as: concrete, quarry tile, ceramic tile, chiclet tile, mosaic tile, dairy tile, glazed brick, terrazzo, granite, marble, slate, cool deck, etc. Plus, porcelain and enamel bath tubs. SlipTec Solutions invisible floor-tread treatment works best in areas where the floor becomes wet, which exposes the public and employees to the potential of slip and falls from a frequency or severity standpoint. When the treated area is exposed to water, there is an increase in slip resistance of 200 – 400%, not a decrease as a normal floor reacts to water.

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2559 FOURTH STREET, Fort Myers, Florida, 33901

Contact Us:    click here
WebSite:    http://www.sliptec.com
Ad Number - 31572


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