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Category: Financial Planning Consultants

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Barry & Renee Honig Charitable Foundation

Financial Planning Consultants

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Venture capitalist Boca Raton, Florida Barry Honig is well-versed in helping start-ups and growing businesses acquire the capital needed for growth

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Barry Honig is an entrepreneur and CEO of GRQ Consultants, Inc. Renowned for innovative investment strategies, Mr. Honig continually seeks out tech and other investment opportunities. Barry Honig also founded the Barry & Renee Honig Charitable Foundation which supports youth after-school programs. For more information, go to barryhonig.com or contact Mr. Honig at Barry@BarryHonig.com. Barry Charles Honig, born in New York in 1971, received his undergraduate degree in Finance from George Washington University. Mr. Honig began his career at Ramius Capital in 1998, trading in distressed equities, arbitrage, long/short and other specialized trading strategies. In 2004, he founded a second investment company, GRQ Consultants Inc., where he serves as President. Barry Honig continues to seek out good investment opportunities.

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555 South Federal Highway, Suite 450, Boca Raton, Florida, 33432
Phone:561 961 4635

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WebSite:    http://www.bolalist.com/30880/Barry_&_Renee_Honig_Charitable_Foundation.html
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