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Category: Wedding Photographers

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Sherri Barber Photography

Wedding Photographers

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Colorado Wedding Photography That Captures Your Most Precious Moments

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Weddings are full of precious moments that you never want to forget. Great Colorado wedding photography will capture each of these moments for you and bring them to life, helping you recall all of the emotions in air on that day. Because this kind of quality wedding photography is so important to preserving beautiful memories, many have turned to the exceptional quality and experience of Sherri Barber for their Estes Park, Boulder, Denver, and Fort Collins photography. Sherri’s professional photography work brings out the beauty, grace, and exhilaration of her subjects and evokes the excitement of the wedding day. Sherri works with her husband Bill Sallaz, himself an accomplished professional photographer. Together, Sherri and Bill will capture those vivid, spontaneous moments of your wedding as they happen.

Bussiness Details
4342 Winterstone Dr., Fort Collins, Colorado, 80525
Phone:(970) 493-2945

Contact Us:    click here
WebSite:    http://www.sherribarber.com
Ad Number - 25397



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