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Category: Business Documents Records Storage Management

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Coleman Data Solutions

Business Documents Records Storage Management

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Brief Description
Document management, imaging, and data entry company.

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A social enterprise of Coleman Professional Service, we have been operating since 1987 providing a variety of data management services, while employing individuals with disabilities. Our core services were built around handling outsourced data entry services, but as technology has changed, we have expanded into other areas of data and forms management. This includes document management solutions and fulfillment. Most of our services are comprised of either data entry and/or document imaging and we do any size projects. The range of our services has allowed us to interact with a wide variety of industries in both private and public sectors. The scope can run from large document scanning for engineering type of documents such as blueprints and maps, to medicaid claims submission and processing as we are an OHIO EDI trading partner.

Bussiness Details
3043 Sanitarium Rd, Akron, Ohio, 44312

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WebSite:    http://www.coleman-data.com
Ad Number - 25260


data entry servicesdocument managementdocument conversionforms processinglockbox processing

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