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Category: House Cleaning

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Maids la Mode - California

House Cleaning

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Brief Description
Maids la Mode is the pet-friendly, people-friendly, eco-friendly house cleaning service for San Clemente, Capistrano Beach, Dana Point, Laguna Beach

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We are devoted to spotlessness, obsessively attentive to detail, and believers in good old fashioned elbow grease. We use non-toxic, naturally derived products that are tough on dirt, but easy on you and the environment. We're on a mission to spread healthiness and happiness wherever we go, because we believe that well-being starts with a clean home. We also happen to believe that scheduling a maid service shouldn't be a hassle. As one of the only professional cleaning services in the entire state of California that allows you to book your service online using our flat rate pricing, we're not only the most healthy cleaning service around - we're also the most convenient.

Bussiness Details
240 Avenida Vista Montana, San Clemente, California, 92672

Contact Us:    click here
WebSite:    https://www.maidsalamode.com/california-house-cleaning
Ad Number - 25006


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