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Category: Home Improvements

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Hatiya Contracting Inc

Home Improvements

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Specializing Brownstone Restoration, Brick Pointing, Concrete Works, Drywall Restoration, Home Remodeling, Basement Remodeling, Limestone, Lin

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Brownstone Restoration Service: Historic Brownstone Houses in New York and other metropolitan areas have become beautiful reminders our country’s rich masonry heritage. Immigrant stone carvers and master stonemasons brought their trade from the old world and left their indelible mark on the architectural history of American cities. The affected stone can be patched in place with the proper mortars, stabilized with micro-injection grouts and recast exact copy for total unit replacement using the Hatiya Contracting Inc's Special System. Brick replacement that involved extensive research to match the existing brick Brick re-pointing and parapet wall replacement Brownstone Building Restoration Brownstone Restoration and Renovation Brownstone Specialist Cleaning the limestone base Decorative limestone and lintel replacement Masonry Repointing Extensive Facade restoration and cleaning Extensive repair of window lintels Façade restoration Facade Restoration included brick re-pointing and replacement Historic Brownstone Houses Limestone cornice Limestone cleaning and restoration of the building base Old Historical Buildings Replication and replacement of decorative terracotta with architectural pre-cast concrete to match original Restoration of the Landmark building to its former splendor Restoration: Stairs, Stoops, Walls, limestone, sandstone, marble and granite. Waterproofing and restoration of structural Historical Houses Contact us: Hatiya Contracting Inc 9322 74th Place Woodhaven, NY 11421 Tel: 718-395-7744 Email: hatiya@hatiya.net Web: www.hatiya.net Service area: Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.

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9322 74th Place, Woodhaven, New York, 11421

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WebSite:    http://www.hatiya.net
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