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Category: Medical Records Service

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Emerald Health LLC

Medical Records Service

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Brief Description
Emerald Health LLC offers cost-effective and time-saving softwares designed specifically for small- and medium-sized medical practices.

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If you are just starting out as a small-size hospital or aim to start one in the future, then you need excellent electronic medical records software. After all, maintaining patients’ records is a tough job and has to be done with care. This is where Emerald Health comes in. Emerald Health’s e-medical records software was developed just for small- and medium-sized practices. Along with this, to make sure you have your books in order; Emerald Health also provides the Revenue Cycle Management system. The technical team can customize both the software to suit your practice. The company also offers medical billings and claims management services which will help out your practice with insurance billing, claims and denials, and patient management. To check out these cost-effective and administrative wonders, visit http://www.emeraldhealthllc.com/.

Bussiness Details
88 Faunce Corner Mall Road, Suite 230, North Dartmouth, Massachusetts, 02747

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WebSite:    http://www.emeraldhealthllc.com/
Ad Number - 23748


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