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Category: Spraying Equipment

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Spray Systems, Inc

Spraying Equipment

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Brief Description
Spray Systems sells custom-built, durable and cost-effective paint booths. Check out http://www.spraysystems.com/ for more information.

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Spray Systems is one of the leaders when it comes to building spray paint booths. Built with quality material and to the customers’ specifications, Spray Systems paint booths are simply the best. The highly skilled and professional personnel at Spray Systems build durable, dependable and cost-effective products. The company is flexible when it comes to design. The integrated steel booth design, along with the unique modular panel construction, allows Spray Systems to provide a broad range of custom designs utilizing the same basic construction principles. Spray Systems can also provide everything from the smallest 2 inch touch-up booth to a large custom 150’ foot long paint booth. For a short list of our customers and more information, visit http://www.spraysystems.com/.

Bussiness Details
1363 East Grand Ave, Pomona, California, 91766
Phone:(909) 623-6944
Fax:(909) 622-6267

Contact Us:    click here
WebSite:    http://www.spraysystems.com/
Ad Number - 23046


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