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Category: Scooters Mobility Aid Dealers

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Florida Mobility Rentals

Scooters Mobility Aid Dealers

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Brief Description
Orlando scooter, power chair, stroller, and wheel chair company that caters to those visiting Disney or the Orlando area.

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We offer the four most popular type of scooters and Power Chairs, all manufactured by Pride Mobility, which means that everything complies with Disney and Universals requirements and guidelines, when making your reservation, please select your scooter based on the weight of the heaviest rider, to ensure safe operation and adequate battery life for a full days usage, please refer to our reservation page for full specifications on all of our equipment.

Bussiness Details
8600 Commodity Circle, Suite 101, Orlando, Florida, 32819

Contact Us:    click here
WebSite:    http://www.floridamobilityrentals.com/
Ad Number - 22721


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