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Category: Bankruptcy Law Attorneys

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The Oliver Law Group, PA

Bankruptcy Law Attorneys

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Brief Description
The Oliver Law Group is a team of veteran attorneys serving clients’ interests in four key areas: bankruptcy, real estate, corporate/securities and de

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The Oliver Law Group, P.A. was founded by Bert R. Oliver, a Columbia University School of Law graduate and veteran of some of Florida’s largest law firms, drawing on four decades of legal experience. The Firm provides full representation in the areas of real estate, corporate and securities law, and for the challenges faced by individuals under financial duress. Combining “big firm” depth with the responsive and personalized approach of a boutique firm, The Oliver Law Group’s attorneys are committed advocates and strategic allies for clients.

Bussiness Details
1166 W Newport Drive, Suite 116, Deerfield Beach, Florida, 33442
Phone:(954) 213-0928
Fax:(888) 809-9027

Contact Us:    click here
WebSite:    http://www.bankruptcyattorneydeerfieldbeach.com
Ad Number - 1766


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