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Category: Criminal Law Attorneys

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Law Offices of Robert J. Beles

Criminal Law Attorneys

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Brief Description
The Law Offices of Robert J. Beles have criminal defense lawyers in Oakland, Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

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If arrested, charged with, or convicted of a crime anywhere in Contra Costa County or Alameda County, contact the criminal defense lawyers at the Law Offices of Robert J. Beles encourage as soon as possible. Committed and passionate, we aggressively defend people facing prosecution for any state or federal crime in California. We provide aggressive, experienced legal defense to people accused of crimes. Please call us 24/7 for a free consultation

Bussiness Details
1 Kaiser Plaza - Suite 2300, Oakland, California, 94612
Phone:(510) 836-0100

Contact Us:    click here
WebSite:    http://www.beleslaw.com/
Ad Number - 1749


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