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I-Haul-Junk Inc.

Business Economic Development

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Brief Description
When Maliki Cottrell, founder and C.E.O, was 14 years old his neighbor hired him and a buddy to help her move some things from her house onto a truck.

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Through this experience, Maliki knew he could start a business of i-haul junk removal in New York, but just wasn’t ready since he was only 14. So fast forward a few years later and during his sophomore year in college Maliki decided to take action by forming a business plan and incorporated I-HAUL-JUNK Inc in 2012. Today I-HAUL-JUNK Inc. removes junk daily from Residential and commercial location within NYC.

Bussiness Details
5Penn plaza 19th floor New York, New Berlin, New York, 10001
Phone:212 203-7556

Contact Us:    click here
WebSite:    http://www.i-haul-junk.com/
Ad Number - 16496


nyc rubbish removalnew york i-haul-junk

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