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Category: Real Estate Developers

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Admar Custom Homes, Inc.

Real Estate Developers

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If you are looking for homes for sale in Greencastle PA, let Admar Custom Homes be your first choice.

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What separates Admar from all other builders? Our philosophy does. Our philosophy is designing and building homes with our customers input and involvement. Our philosophy is using materials that will perform well and last, such as name brand windows. Our philosophy is partnering with the best building partners available. Our philosophy is professionally managing the construction process. We do all of this so that the building of your new home is a joyful event in your life. So if you're considering a new home in Frederick or Washington County in Maryland or a new home in Southern Pennsylvania, let Admar Custom Homes be your builder.

Bussiness Details
5703 Industry Lane #101, Frederick, Maryland, 21704
Phone:(301) 694-4600
Fax:(301) 694-4922

Contact Us:    click here
WebSite:    http://admarhomes.com/
Ad Number - 14134


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