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Category: Birth Centers

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New Birth Company

Birth Centers

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We offer prenatal, well woman care, natural childbirth, classes and more

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New Birth Company is committed to creating a new paradigm in childbirth. We believe natural childbirth is an awe-inspiring physical, emotional and spiritual experience that captures all senses of our bodily spectrum. Using sight, sound, smell, taste and touch, we enhance the birth experience through the utilization of midwifery services, expertise and scope of care. We support continuity of care across all providers that serve women and babies. We value physicians for their expertise in managing high-risk pregnancies. We believe hospitals are the appropriate venue for surgery and medical interventions for those women who do not fit the low-risk profile. We support national certification, accreditation and state licensure for our services.

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9209 West 110th Bldg #36, Johnson, Kansas, 66210

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WebSite:    http://www.newbirthcompany.com
Ad Number - 13579


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