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Category: Baby Accessories

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Have 2 Have It

Baby Accessories

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Brief Description
At Have 2 Have It, they feature minky blankets, plush bunnies, baby pillow cases and other monogrammed baby gifts for babies.

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Have2 have it is a woman owned business located in Dallas Texas and has been in operation since 2008. The main product they sell is a handmade stuffed bunny and puppy with oversized ears. This is the original ear-resistable bunny and puppy in the market today. There is an option to have a name or monogram embroidered into the large ears. The fabric used to create these products is a luxurious high quality minky. The stuffing is safe for children and all the products are machine wash and dry and will come out looking like the day the were purchased. The softness of the fabrics used is what creates the feeling by those who hold them, that they too have to have it. They are child safe which is very important in today’s market. All the products are handmade in the United States with the greatest attention to detail.

Bussiness Details
Have 2 Have It, Dallas, Texas, 75252

Contact Us:    click here
WebSite:    http://www.have2haveit.net/
Ad Number - 12983


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