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Category: Driving Training Equipment

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Royal Driving School

Driving Training Equipment

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Royal Driving School

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We have 30 years of combined experience in the teaching of driving education and behind the wheel training. We understand that patience and professional training is the key for our students success. In our years of experience we been able to adapt to the needs of our multi-cultural community. We present you with the most comprehensive driving program with essential information relating to the needs of new and experienced motorists. Our lessons cover basic skills, driver preparation, various types of roads, and vehicle maintenance. We ensure the instructor's undivided attention in the learning process.We are one of the few schools that have a standarized training system for our instructors to ensure the best training for our students. You will find that our driving instructors are certified by the Department of Motor Vehicles. We have met all the requirements for licensing by State of California including inspections for safety and we are bonded and insured by reputable insurance companies.

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1110 N. Western Ave., Los Angeles, California, 90029

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WebSite:    http://www.royaldriving.com
Ad Number - 12664


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