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Category: Mold Remediation

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Miami Mold Inspection & Testing

Mold Remediation

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US Mold Care provides all mold related services in Miami such as mold removal, mold remediation, mold inspections and mold testing.

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Miami Mold Inspection & Testing has over 20 years experience with mold and mildew contamination. All of our experts are certified and experienced with all services related to mold removal and mold remediation. Mold is found all over the US but due to the humidity and moisture in the air, Hollywood Florida has become one of the leading places when it comes to increase of mold growth. Mold removal is a process done by certified mold experts and can be done using different procedures depending on the type of mold and the level of contamination. The complete mildew & mold removal process is a few important steps to assure a mold free home or office. The procedure begins with a completely free mold inspection which is ultimately followed by the actual mold remediation procedure and finalized with a confirmation mold air quality test. Our certified Hollywood mold removal experts have the training and experience necessary to assure you the mold in your home or office has been removed entirely.

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10 Northwest 77th Street #11, Miami, Florida, 33127

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WebSite:    http://www.Miamimoldinspection.org
Ad Number - 11985


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